Why Use Promotional Items?

Promotional items for marketing purposes have been around for years but have taken off hugely in the last 15. Promotional items are used by brands to remind customers of their meeting, their interaction and most of all their services. Customers are targeted from the second they wake up, to the moment they go to sleep with brands, services and temptations to buy, invest or follow a company. With the average customer needtwitter-seed-packets-for-websiteing to be reminded 3-4 times of a brand before remembering them, that is why we love Seedin and what it stands for.

By offering seeds to your customers, you will be reminding them daily, for weeks, months, seasons and even years of your brand. Allowing them to plant their seeds in a pot, in a garden or an empty yogurt pot with the children, allows them to be apart of your brand from the first day until the last. Being a visual reminder daily of your interaction with them, makes them remember you. Remembering a brand is key when it comes to the buying cycle – people buy from brands they trust, and YOU could be that brand.

So, think about the next promotion or message you are trying to tell new and old customers, and say it with Seedin. The only promotional seed company that loves and uses seeds and only seeds. We don’t offer pens, pads, fluffy bugs or sweets, we focus 100% of our energy and knowledge on seeds. With over 150 years in the industry – why not give us a call today and see how we can help you be remembered.

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