Why Choose Seedin?

Promotional seed packets are not a new concept, offering businesses, brides and even charities a way at connecting with their audience. So, what is new about Seedin? Here are the top 5 facts about Seedin and why we think you should drop the rest and shop with the best:-

1) We are very good at what we do – our founder’s family has over 150 years in the industry and so we just love everything about seeds from germination to flower. We love finding the right seed to enable your brand to connect with customers old and new.

2) We are friendly – we are a mix of young and old in the offices, using new and existing technology to create the designs, spread the word and grow a new customer base for Seedin.

3) We love what we do – we resource new designs, artwork, have idea-bouncing sessions, and want to make Seedin the only company you think of when you think of promotions, seeds and seed packets. Have you thought about sending out a Perfect Pimms Pack and letting your customers grow their own cucumber, strawberries and mint? We are full of ideas, so test our skills.

4) We are competitive on price – we cut out all the middle men. We source the seeds directly from the producers and produce all artwork in house. This means we can be price competitive and work within your budget.

5) We can produce as much as you need, when you need it – we want to advise you on the best seed for your customers, and also can produce the packs when you need them, as many as you like! Why not set us a challenge and become a 1 million packet customer!?

Want to come and say hello to us? Connect with us on Social Media or pop us an email to hello@seedin.co.uk for more information

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