The Magic Of Promotional Products

Have you ever wondered why big businesses hand out exciting tangible promotion products rather than cards and flyers? Put simply, everyone likes something for free = happy potential customer! For the companies, it’s an incredibly cost effective method of making their brand recognisable and memorable.

Promotional items shouldn’t be seen as an additional expense, there should always be a proportion of your Marketing budget allocated for this segment of your strategy.

A survey completed by Sarah Matista revealed “52% of people said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product from them”

This is an incredible number of potential customers that won’t know who you are unless you tap into them with some promotional products.

Maybe our top 5 reasons for investing your marketing budget into promotional products may convince you.


  1. Huge Reach, Low Cost

Whether your business is global with thousands of employees or local with a comfortable turnover, you will still have a set budget for Marketing. Promotional products are unique and have a high perceived value. With the low purchase price and huge impact value it’s a no brainer. Seedin create an incredibly cost effective platform for your marketing strategy.

  1. Brand Recognition

Subconsciously your brand will stick in people’s minds. From your logo to your brand colours. Branded seed packets have a unique initial wow impact with your potential customers, creating the start of your brands recognition journey with them.

  1. Daily Reminder

With 50% of promotional products being reused daily it would be crazy not to tap into this. What more could you ask for than your customers having a daily reminder of your brand growing in their window box or garden.

4.    Giving Gifts

Thanking your business connections, staff and customers can become a laborious task, always searching for something more exciting than the last. Our seed packets get people talking, and for those who don’t have green fingers….they pass them on, spreading your brand awareness.

  1. Creative Business Cards

Business cards are the original marketing material. Promotional products are a creative way to spread the word of your brand, it is fun and tangible. Would you rather be given a business card or both a card and a free gift?


Use a Seedin to leave a lasting impression. Send fill in our contact form or send us an email to to request your free samples.

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