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Seedin Frequently Asked Questions

We sell a selection of seeds, in foil packets, wrapped in an outer with your bespoke message on the front! We sell promotional seeds, wedding seeds, gifts, the chance to connect with your customer and the message that ‘we want to grow our relationship with you!’

You can order a minimum of 100 packets of seeds to over 1 million packets and more! Why not give us a challenge to make you our first million order customer! We are able to cater your need for promotional seeds for all of your customers this month, this season and this year! We want to have a long term relationship with you to help you get your message out to customers, so will always fulfil your seed-needs!

Delivery is included in the order price – so it’s free!

Once the seed packets have been finalised and sent to print, they take between 7-10 working days to arrive at the location of your choice.

You can use our seeds for promotional events, sending to all of your customers or even to launch a new range within your shop and use them as fresh and modern price tags! What customer wouldn’t love the idea of reusing the price tag and receiving some free seeds for their garden, reminding them or your brand and your new summer range! Seeds are a great way to interact with your customers, further enhancing the message of ‘we want to grow our relationship,’ to ‘we are looking forward to still being with you into next spring.’ A simple, effective and pleasing alternative for customers rather than the standard and tradition methods of promotional communication – we all have enough pens, bouncy balls and window stickers, so think differently and surprise your customer with a meaningful gift.

When you enquire with us, you will be sent a PDF of the design area. You will need to either, send your design into us and we will apply it to the seed packet for you (please send in the finished design in a high res JPEG/PSD/PDF), or you can talk us through the design you need, and we can do it for you in house. We want to make this process simple and easy, so just ask, and we will be happy to help you. Stuck, just email for a friendly bit of support.

We offer a wide range of seeds, from the traditional, to bespoke mixes. We are also able to match the seed to your budget, colour scheme, preferred smell, preferred planting habits or even if they need to grow inside or outside! Let us know the promotion, the customer base and the budget/colour scheme and we will send you a selection back to choose from. Why not ask for a bespoke Wild Flower mix, or even a Daisy Explosion – we have it covered!

Of course! We want to help you give the gift of seeds for all occasions  including your company launch, christening, wedding fair, mortgage promotion or even as tags on your clothes in your new shop opening. We think seeds are beautiful and the perfect way to offer a ‘branch’ to someone else, whether that be to say sorry, to offer a new product, or even for them to share a packet with their friends – it all helps increase your brand awareness, and your visibility. It also allows your brand to become a talking point with friends and family, and can be a gift for the whole family to enjoy and share.

We love seeds! Seeds are beautiful, natural and without them, nothing would be alive or grow! So we think seeds are a great way of spreading messages to customers all around the world. Also, with the promotional gift market so overcrowded, we thought that you might have enough of giving away pens, fluffy bugs and calendars.

The front of the packet is your design and logo space – which we can help you design, or design for you. The back of the packet is reserved for growing instructions, warning labels and also any details regarding the seeds. We are also able to sneak a message on the back depending on the size of your logo/message. Each packet is bespoke to each client, so just email us and we will ensure it not only looks bold and appealing, it works for the message you are trying to give. Just email us at

The seed packet is a standard size seed packet and the template is given to you when you want to order, or you can download a PDF copy here.

Yes! We deliver to the UK and EU, just ask us for a postage cost and the deadline for delivery and we will make sure it gets to you safely. We use a variety of shippers within the UK and pick the best one for your shipment.

Payment terms for orders between 100 – 1,000 are 100% on ordering

Payment terms for orders between 1,000+ are 50% on ordering and 50% on shipment of the product (PO’s can be accepted)

Everything we prepare and print is bespoke for each customer, so if you were to not pay for the order in full, we would be left with lots of lovely seed packets that we cannot re-use. As a growing business, we would love to keep doing what we love, so hope you can support us with this and our payment terms reflect this.

No! Please do not eat the seeds. The seeds are for planting in the ground or in a lovely pot from your Mum, Nanny, Boss! Please do not eat the seeds. All the seeds look much better when they have been planted and cared for, then sit back and watch the magic of them grow!

Seeds can last weeks, months or years depending on the weather, the condition of the ground and the amount of love and care they receive. All the seeds are sourced from an Award Winning supplier with over 100 years in the industry in East Anglia, so they are all designed to be nurtured and then they will grow. You can always keep the seeds as a memento of the promotion too!