Save a Bee Today

Save a Bee Today!

Globally there are more honey bees than any other types of bee and pollinating insects. Thus, they are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops. In fact, one third of all the food that we consume each day relies on plant pollinated by bees.

There are many reasons why bees are declining in numbers. Environmental factors, the constant evolving farming practices, more houses less farmland, diseases, the weather and CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).

We can all make a difference. Here are 5 things you can do to help the bee population.

1. Plant bee-friendly flowers and herbs in your garden.

We give 50p to xxxxxxxxx charity for every “Save a Bee Box” that goes out the door. So not only are you going to be growing plants attracting bees and keeping them busy; you’ll also be giving money to an organisation dedicated to saving bees!

2. Leave the grass to grow. That’s right… less mowing! Wild flowers, long grass plants, thistles, dandelions and even nasty stinging nettles all need pollinating. Weeds really can be a good thing. We’re not suggesting you give up gardening, but we are suggesting you integrate a bee play area full of food.

3. Buy local honey. If you see someone selling honey, stop the car and buy a jar! The more demand you create, the more the honey makers will produce. Not only will you be helping bees, you’ll also be helping yourself and your children too by building up more pollen resistance, so less allergies.

4. Give a bee a drink. In the summer, fresh water can be really hard to find and bees get thirsty with all that flying and buzzing about. Make sure the water is shallow, so they can have a drink and a soak and can wander out to

dry themselves before flying off again. A bird bath with stones in it would be perfect, or a large plate.

5. Bee Master. Why not actually become the master of a hive or two? It is such a wonderful hobby. You’ll have not just one pet, but thousands. The rewards to yourself and the community are amazing; what’s more, you’ll get free honey. It’s even possible to hire hives, so everyone can be a Bee master!

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