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Minimum 100 Packets up to 10,000
Prices from £1.49 to 69p per pack

Minimum 500 Packets up to 20,000
Prices from £1.19 to 59p per pack

Minimum 1000 Packs up to 50,000
Prices from 99p to 49p per pack

Minimum 5000 Packs to 250,000+
Prices from 79p to 29p per pack

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Our Achievments

Making a great first impression, nurturing relationships and finding new routes to new markets are vital for business success.  Seeds from Seedin are a novel way to help you convey those messages. We are the only promotional company dedicated to seeds, bringing vital knowledge from our founder’s family having had over 100 years of experience in the seed production sector.

You can give the gift of seeds whilst promoting your brands or business messages.  A great idea for all kinds of organization, including Councils and government departments, banks, charities, PR and event management companies, universities, retailers, “green sector” businesses and energy companies.

Alongside Seedin, we understand the need to nurture our little ones, and ensure they too have a passion for growing and developing produce. Shortly, we will be officially launching The Schools Seeds Trust, allowing children to apply for free seeds for their classrooms.


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